How Solar Works

Did you know the number of solar installations now up and running in Australia smashed past the one million barrier some time ago?  That impressive number gets higher every day, week, month and year, and you could be the next to join the solar revolution with National New Energy today!

Does going solar sound attractive but you have absolutely no idea where to start?  How about with learning a little about how this amazing technology even works.


Currently, the main source of power generation in Australia is with coal, which consists of burning this harmful black and brown stuff in huge power stations.  But thanks to solar technology, that big, bright ball of fire in the sky is capable of providing plenty of FREE energy – and if you generate enough, you could actually feed unused power back into the grid for a credit.

The really great news is that once you’re up and running, the power you use within your home will have come from the sun – meaning it is FREE!

Sound too good to be true?  You could have it at your place tomorrow thanks to National New Energy.

We’ll get you up and running with solar panels on your roof, meaning that whenever the sun is shining, you’ll be converting that sunlight into power.  Thanks to your new inverter, the electricity you generate can be used at home in exactly the same way as your power from traditional energy sources works.


If you look at a solar panel up close, you’ll see many smaller, silicon solar cells, arranged in layers held together by metal solar cell conductors.  There are different iterations of this basic technology, but basically the solar panels create what is called the photovoltaic effect.

Without getting too scientific, light photons hit the silicon layer and energises the electrons.  Once the electrons are free from the atomic orbit, a DC electrical current is created.  The solar installation’s inverter then turns the current into AC power which can be used in your home.


If you’re all up to date and feel ready to get started, National New Energy‘s solar specialists are standing by to get you sorted with a state of the art installation that works best for your needs.

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