We understand that installing a Solar System and switching to clean, green energy is a big decision and a significant investment, so you may have a range of questions that you want to be answered before making the switch.

National New Energy is committed to person-centred customer service. We use state of the art technology and Tier 1 products. Our designers and installers are Clean Energy Council accredited, and throughout the entire installation process and beyond, we are committed to making you feel as comfortable with the move as we are passionate about attending to your solar needs.

Is solar power worth the bother?

Solar energy is the power from the sun. It is a vast, inexhaustible, clean, green resource that reduces your power bill, thus saving you money and reduces your carbon footprint. We understand that your existing energy setup may work fine, but there is a reason why six solar panels are installed every single minute in Australia. Solar has never been more affordable, and battery storage now gives you additional options. If you’ve thought about solar in the past, the best time to make the switch is right now.

Does the government help?

For every kW of your new solar installation, a federal government scheme is worth over $600 in a federal government subsidy program. Typically, a 5 kW system represents a saving of more than $3000.

What about when it’s cloudy?

This depends on how cloudy and dark it is. Cloudy weather negatively impacts solar power production, as the clouds will reduce the amount of sunlight reaching your panels. As a general rule, on a cloudy day, a solar power system will produce around 25% to 45% of the energy it would generally produce under ideal conditions. National New Energy panels and inverter will use any available light and turn this into power. Of course, once the sun sets or it gets really dark, or there are heavy storm clouds, your solar system will turn itself off.

What sort of solar setup do I need?

The type of solar installation that is perfect for your home, family or business is something National New Energy’s specialists will discuss with you. For most people, we’ll ensure the system you select reduces your carbon footprint, slashes your power bill and pays itself off in just a few short years.

Will I still need an energy retailer?

Yes. Unless you get battery storage and completely go off-grid, you will still need to have an account with an Energy provider, ensuring that when the sun goes down, and you no longer generate solar power, you will still be able to turn the lights on.

What If I go away for a holiday and don’t use any power?

As long as you keep your solar system ON, your National New Energy Solar system will continue to generate power from the sun, so your system will feed any unused power back to the grid. A feed-in tariff (FiT) is a credit that a customer receives for any unused electricity that their solar power system sends back to the power grid. It’s usually a set rate per kilowatt-hour, and your Retailer will show this as a credit on your bill but talk to your Energy Retailer and discuss your options; you may be able to receive the amount back as a refund if you are sitting in credit and have nothing to pay.

Your solar FiT and electricity are two different products, so your solar rates and your electricity rates may have separate terms and conditions.

If you have any more questions, our friendly team of specialists at National New Energy are standing by and more than willing to assist. Call us now on 1300 707 038

Why Choose National New Energy?

At National New Energy, we are proud of our reputation for providing powerful, reliable, state-of-the-art and affordable solar solutions for your home or business. We treat every client with the same friendly, knowledgeable, and fully personalised customer service one would expect. You won’t look back after choosing National New Energy for your solar needs.


You can have peace of mind knowing that National New Energy only installs Tier 1 Solar Panels and Inverters approved by the Clean Energy Council.

Competitive Pricing

National New Energy offers real value at competitive prices. We provide a range of quality systems and solutions to suit your budget. We understand that many live fast-paced lives and are time-poor, so we have researched and bundled, tried, and tested Solar Solutions that are well-priced for you to choose from.


Additional to the Manufacturer's warranty, we will provide a standard minimum Retailer's warranty period of Five (5) years on the operation and performance of the whole Photovoltaic (PV) system; it will be free from fault or defect, including workmanship and products for a period of 5 years commencing on the date the system is installed. (See our Warranty Policy)


Our systems are user-friendly, and our solar installations are stress-free & easy as we take care of every step of the installation, leaving nothing for you to do but enjoy a cuppa.

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